The World IS Watching

Did I Just SAY that???


I have learned since writing this blog that Bob Coy actually pastored 20,000 people, the 14th largest church in the country,  and had a staff of nearly 1,000 per this blogger.

Well it’s Monday:
A wife in Florida is devastated this morning. A pastor of 7,000 resigned yesterday due to moral failure. The church says,”Don’t talk about it!” Well let me say this: CNN is talking about it, the man on the bar stool in Miami is talking about it, so this elephant in the room is in our face. The days of sweeping moral failure under the rug are long gone. Granted there are crisis managers that can help, in the old days they could bury info….but in these times of phones, cameras, video cameras, surveillance devices in every room and hallway, we the church need to sanitize and pray those “secrets” into the pits of hell. We need…

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One thought on “The World IS Watching

  1. Barb Scott says:

    LIke the old gospel song says, We’ve got to go back to the living truth, going back to the absolute, going back to where the church stands strong, to where theres a right, there is a wrong, going back to where its black or white, You see the differance is like day and night. Going back to the things above, we’ve got to go back to our first love. This is all of the song I could remember when I read this.


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