Pray Anyway



On this March day, I want to ask all of you that need something from God to STOP where you are, and let’s chat. I want to lead an experiment, can I do that? If at all possible go to a quiet place. Turn the noise off…stuff socks in mouths, whatever is necessary. Leave the room. Now, let’s spend a couple of minutes thanking God for keeping us…..let’s start this day off right!!!!

Lord, I thank you for Your hand on my life for these 58 years. The touch that I first felt as a child….the anointing that I knew was there when I was too young to know the word. Lord through the close calls…when the devil meant to sift me as wheat, the times when a physical attack was imminent…the 43 stitches in my throat when I was 17…Lord how You stopped the blade from penetrating the jugular vein, a centimeter shy of penetration…the attacker that ran rather than finishing me off….and Lord the times when we first left Grace Chapel to go into the music…how You provided, how You opened doors that no man could shut…..I could go on and on….and on and on…..that open heart surgery that You took me through like it was nothing…only You could have done that. Doctors can do much, but Lord you are the difference maker!!! But on this day Lord, I want to tell You how much I love You. How thankful I am for my family, how blessed I am to be loved by You…how much I appreciate grace, and favor, and beauty, and love, and humor…and all aspects of the human spirit…and this thing called life that You have so abundantly given us. I thank You for my 14 grand babies…and I thank You for my entire family, I thank You for my friends…for all blessings. For Lord, we are a blessed people! How awesome it is to know that You knew us before we were! You knew us, You called us, You loved us….and that is a bit hard to wrap my brain around, but it is a fact!! Now Lord….I pray for healing for my brothers and sisters…mind, body and spirit. I pray for jobs, bonuses, favor and wisdom for those that need a financial miracle. Lord I am asking BECAUSE YOU told us to ask. I pray for safe travels to the traveler, peace to the troubled, love to the broken…and above all, truth to all. Let us know the truth about You and your plan for our lives. Let us STOP playing games, be honest with ourselves..and maybe a few other people too. Let the hypocrisy end within the walls of the church. Let us be a witness to the world. Let us forgive others, even when they don’t ask, and let us march toward a blood stained cross…..daily. Let us have a back bone when it comes to morals, defend the rights given by God and our country, let us be a people that doesn’t take the low road, but the high road. Let us not buckle to resistance but stand up to the enemy…and redeem our youth with Holiness teaching, not Hollywood garbage!! Lord we know that compromise is not applicable to the WORD of GOD…and we know that in the end the truth is all we have. The Word is our truth. And Lord let us, the church…learn to pray for healing. Let us remember that BY YOUR STRIPES. Lord help me to be bold and not weak when I ask!! For without asking, we WILL NOT receive. Lord let me be so prayed up that I can ask YOU for the impossible and rightfully expect!!

Lord forgive me for the stupid things I say, forgive me for being so busy that you struggle to get my attention to tell me what YOUR will is for a situation. I trust You more than I knew I could trust anyone, and I love YOU with everything I have. I am an imperfect, chubby, hyper active, middle aged, child…but yes, I AM still Your child. And I am thankful to be able to talk to my King, my Father, my best friend!!

And finally, Lord I pray for that one that has used me, thrown me away, and tried to destroy me! Lord, this is YOUR battle not mine. You said You would set a table for me in the presence of mine enemies. Well Lord, I am ASKING you to silence them also. Lord those that hate for no reason, want to destroy without cause, I pray the mighty BIG HAND of God hold the enemy back, and I rebuke that demonic spirit of jealousy and hate toward me, and all believers…brothers and sisters that bind with me daily to pray for the sick, lift up the broken. Lord I am asking for a season of rest!! You are able!

Lord, You know my heart and my intent! Help me to always show love with actions not “cheap” words. For the world doesn’t respond to our rhetoric, but they respond to action, a helping hand, a hot meal, an ear to listen, a mentor to guide them….let us be the feet and hands, not the annoying noise to them.

And Lord, I ask You to bless my family. These kids that proclaim the Gospel night after night, Lord anoint them with boldness and a NEW desire to see the lost brought to light. Lord grant wisdom for these “new” seasons and blessings in their faith walk, for I know that YOU own the cattle on a thousand hills, and I know that You are a provisional God!! YES I DO! I have seen YOU work miracles many, many times, and I am looking forward to seeing, up close and personal, many more!! Lord protect my babies in their travels and their health!! Direct their paths, choices, and order their every step. I pray for a FRESH anointing on their ministries, individually, and corporately!! Lord I pray for the spouses as they sacrifice and often spend time without their husband/wife, keep the home fires burning, and walk in ministry along side their wife/husband. Lord I pray all 6 of my children and their families never forget that God has provided EVERY need they have brought before You. You have been faithful in finances, health, even a miracle thrown in here and there. Lord I thank You for Your protection over Eva when she fell out of that  second story window, and Lord I AM aware that by man’s account she should have been dead, but You stepped in and said NO, not this time!! Lord thank You for the BIG HAND of protection that came down and prevented Kelly, Mike, Terah, and kids from being in the funeral home the day after they hit that big old semi in the bus…for that was truly a miracle…..LORD I PRAISE You for the healing that slowly came for Kelly’s broken back, and Lord I praise you that Katelanne’s scar is minimal to that pretty heart shaped face, and thank You for giving Mike his life back after that horrible brain injury!! Lord I thank You for 14 safe deliveries of these grandchildren, for momma and baby!!

Lord I thank You for providing Krystal with a job when the Crabb Family quit and she had to “start over” in a new employment world. Lord I thank You for allowing me to have the health and ability to “start over” at 50. And Lord I thank You for Steve…..for when I felt I would never be loved again by a man,when I felt rejected and unworthy, You sent him. When I felt I could never be happy again, his gentle kind spirit nursed me back to trust and happiness!! And Lord, could You give him an extra blessings for being so good to my family!! You know he deserves it!! And Lord I thank You for a home that is filled with peace and contentment. I thank You for a beautiful life after the fact. When the devil told me I wasn’t good enough to succeed, You lifted me up, dusted me off, and placed favor on my life, once again. Lord I thank You for the Crabb Family story, the favor you poured on our faith, the blessing You paved the road with, the souls that You allow those kids to see delivered daily. Lord I thank You for allowing me to have a front row seat from day one, to have the stories to tell and videos to watch!

Lord I thank You for all of my family, all of them, my children that I birthed, and my children that I chose…..I pray for their safety and choices. I thank You for the Hannahs and ask You to bless them, for they have been so good to me!! And Lord, all of my friends and family scattered here and there, back in KY, and all over the country for that matter, blood family, love family, friends and prayer partners, I pray that YOU bless them this day. Wrap them and love them like only You can do.

And Lord I pray for my grand babies. From the oldest to the youngest. Lord YOU know every need they have. You know Edie’s heart, mind and soul…and how You love her. I rebuke the enemy of her soul!!! I speak life to her in Jesus name! She is beautiful, talented, and Lord we gave her to You as a baby. SHE is Your property. Lord I pray over Hope and Cameron, as they enter their teen years I pray protection over their gifts, for You have mighty work for them to do!! For these two are called and purposed. Ashleigh, Hannah, and Katelanne….as these 5th graders all approach this tween age, I pray they begin to desire to know You in a personal way, that they begin to feel Your touch like never before, I pray their little hearts stay innocent and hungry for You, for Lord, they too are Yours. Their gifts are Yours. They are the seed of the righteous!! We are borrowing them, but their gifts are Yours!! And Lord Logan and Eli, You and I both know how special these “twin cousins” are and that their place in our family is a “special” place. Being the first grandsons, and knowing God had a special plan, starting with the day they were born, making sure they both came early, and on the same day! The legacy of ministry rests on them, that is clear to see! God, YOU will use them, I am sure of that!! And Emma, Gracie, Eva, and Sophie….these four little girls are truly one of my greatest delights, and God how I pray a protective blessing over them. There is enough spunk and tenacity between them to run the country….God, how YOU can use this formula!! How awesome would it be if ALL Christians spunkily stood up for their faith? Well these girls will not disappoint YOU!! They could collectively evangelize the world. Lord help us to keep them grounded and in YOU! And Charlee, Lord I pray the world will be at his feet, but that You will always be his heart. Lord I pray protection over his gifts, for he is the called and chosen, and Lord he’s yours. Keep him in the palm of Your big hand. And then there’s baby Ean. And Lord when we were surprised with the news that Amanda would have another child, I knew in my heart that this was Your plan, and that this baby would be special, and would have a work that no one else would or could do. I anxiously await and want to live long enough to see what YOU have for this child.

Lord as I close this prayer that I have typed and cried while doing so, I ask that You let these words on a computer screen be a reminder to many to just give it up and stop the worrying….and just pray.



Folks: Pray anyway…when you’re broken inside….you don’t know how to fix that person, that financial mountain….that disease that is wrecking your body. Pray!! For truly it is the most powerful weapon we have. We wrestle not against flesh and blood…….spiritual battles must mean spiritual warfare.


As I close I want to thank you for having this time of prayer with me. Let’s walk in Him today. And truly, always know…always…that there is a 58 year old granny in TN that loves you and will pray with you anytime.


Have a great Thursday!!










11 thoughts on “Pray Anyway

  1. Bruce Balbach says:

    Kathy – Once again you leave me blessed beyond description. Your prayer is heartfelt and passionate, and it makes the Truth of Jesus Christ even that much more real. Only you (and God) know every nuance of your story, but through your words, and through the way you live your life, you give us, your family, friends, and supporters, a glimpse into the perfect will of God, and that causes us all to press harder into that Truth. Your words make the work of the Crabb Family ministry much more powerful and meaningful; for truly, they are a ministry that puts their trust in the Lord first and foremost in everything they do. That is why there are no valid words that can describe the joy of seeing any or all of the kids minister in concert….and it is why a baptism service can take place in the middle of a concert (as it did in WV in January). You are truly a blessed woman of God, and I am honored and blessed to know you and your family. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are in Christ. – Bruce

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  2. Judy Williams says:

    Kathy, thank you so much for such a beautiful prayer. You said you cried as you typed it out. Well I cried as I read & prayed the prayer with you.
    You know it seems at times that we ask Gid for so much but yet we have so much to praise Him for.
    We all have troubles in our life but one thing we know is that God us there to see us through our problems, lift us up when we are down, watch over us when we are sick. What a forgiving , merciful, loving, & graceful God that we have & serve.
    Someone to pray with, talk to or even cry with. I truly believe that God put that person there for us.
    Someone ask me just yesterday what my health problems were. I told them there were too many to talk about but I didn’t worry because I knew I had God with me.
    He has a plan for us all & this must have been part of His plan for me but I carry it because of Him I can endure it.
    I’m not a perfect person by no means. I have slipped but my God is always there to pick me back up.
    As I sit & think of all the things I have been through in my life it seems there are so many of us that have been through basically the same things. The ones who know God are lifted back up but I feel the ones that chose to stay down are the ones we need to pray for, with & let them lean on us to shed their tears.
    The more love we show for each other helps them & us too. What a warm feeling you have just to speak a kind & loving word to someone.
    Kathy I am so thankful to call you my friend. May God bless you. I love you

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  3. Chandel Dobbs says:

    That was amazing….im crying also.

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  4. Cindy Davidson says:

    Kathy – thank you! I SO needed this prayer (reality check)! You have left me in tears as well! But God!

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  5. Crystal Richmond says:

    What on earth can I say or add but AMEN AND AMEN…, I want to save this and go back from time to time to read and remember to JUST PRAY. It is all up to HIM and only HE has all the answers… Not the world, not my friends, not my family, nobody but HIM. And should I continue to just PRAY AND TRUST HIM for All my ANSWERS THEN HOW CAN I GO WRONG !!! For as you reminded us… HE is our Father .. Our Best Friend and He is always our Answer … SO PRAY ~~ love you so much Kathy…., please continue to lead us on our spiritual journey.. Everyone needs a leader and you do it so well for me… Continue to remind me and help me keep things in perspective … Thank you , my friend!!!! In the Grip of His Amazing Grace, Crystal aka Crys aka Nana ..

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  6. Sandra Olden says:

    I so enjoy your blogs.


  7. Darceen Swartz says:

    Kathy, you never cease to amaze me. I so needed those words today. God Bless you and your family….I really love you all.

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    • Darceen Swartz says:

      I again read this prayer on August 2, 2014….and in God’s infinite wisdom he guided me here to read this in my time of great need. God please keep your blessings and protection on Kathy and her family as they continue to minister to your children and spread your wonderful gospel….Amen, Amen and Amen


  8. Jennie Crowe says:

    Thank you so much,you will never know how much your post, your prayers,the songs have blessed me in a great way, I believe I could set and listen to you all day, you have kept me going during the loss of my brother,and encouraged me to keep fighting lifes ever day battles,because I know I have victory in the end and a great home awaiting me when ever the good Lord calls me home,your an inspiritration to many and a great lady, love you

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  9. Dorcilyn Campbell says:

    Thank you for sharing your prayer Kathy. You are an inspiration to many; not only in the United States but as far as Jamaica (Caribbean).Keep on working for the Lord.


  10. Sherry Jones says:

    Thank you, Sister Kathy, for sharing this prayer. Thank you for encouraging me with your story about starting over at 50 – I believe I can start over again at 41. Thank you for encouraging me to keep praying and never give up. I first met you when I was 23, and you’re still blessing me all these years later. Thank you for all you have given to the Lord.


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